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Tyson Foods, Jacksonville Plant Complete Roof Replacement · 31,000 SF

Project Description

The Tyson Foods Plant in Jacksonville, FL was a complete roof removal, including 3 roof systems and all of the existing lightweight concrete down to the concrete deck. The 10” thick existing roof created so much debris that a Bobcat was placed on the roof to remove it. All of the existing roof penetrations were also removed. The roof consisted of a 2-ply modified bitumen system, by Soprema, set in cold adhesive over 6” of new rigid insulation. This roof system carries a 20 year warranty covering materials and labor.

Project Details

McCurdy-Walden was responsible for framing and filling all of the old holes in the concrete deck with new concrete. Tyson foods installed new refrigeration pipes and stands totaling 260 separate roof penetrations. The new insulation and membrane had to be cut around each penetration during the roof installation and each penetration had to be flashed per the manufacturer's & Tyson's requirements.

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