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Biomet (Jacksonville, FL) Roof Recovery System · 44,000 SF

Project Description

The project for Biomet Microfixation was a roof recovery system, where the new roof was installed over the existing. The existing modified bitumen roof system was prepared by cutting out and removing all existing membrane blisters, and power brooming the existing cap sheet to remove all of the loose granules and dirt. Next, a 1” isocyanurate cover board was mechanically attached with steel deck fasteners and RhinoBond Plates. These plates are TPO coated, allowing for them to be heated and welded to the back of the new TPO membrane through “induction welding”. A new 60 mil TPO by Johns Manville was installed over the insulation cover board and welded to the RhinoBond plates. This new roof carries a 20-year No Dollar Limit Warranty.

Project Details

The Biomet project also included the waterproofing of the entire building. Colors were chosen by the owner and our waterproofing crew painted the entire facility with new elastomeric waterproofing paint.

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